Intralase Blade-Free LASIK


One of the most exciting and innovative laser vision correction technologies available is the Intralase blade-free LASIK procedure. With Intralase, there is no cutting and no incisions required. This technology makes it possible for Grochmal Eye Care to perform an “all-laser” vision correction, with no microkeratomes or blades coming near your eyes.

Intralase also makes it possible for Dr. Jay C. Grochmal to give you an even more safe and precise LASIK procedure, allowing him to have excellent control and accuracy while creating the corneal flap. The computer-guided laser creates the corneal flap quickly and painlessly using laser energy. In recent studies, this FDA-approved technology was found to have achieved the precision that is unmatched by previous LASIK techniques.

Many patients have an understandable anxiety about blades being used on their eyes. Intralase allows LASIK surgeons to address this by achieving the same results without the use of an invasive blade. In fact using a laser to create the corneal flap may even yield better vision improvement results when compared to using a microkeratome.

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