Who Is at Risk of Developing Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is usually symptom free and that makes routine testing necessary to diagnose the disease early before serious vision loss occurs.

Although glaucoma is a relatively common ocular disease that can affect anyone, certain individuals are at higher risk for developing the condition than others. There are some shared factors among people with glaucoma. For example, men and women over the age of 40 or individuals of African or Asian descent are more likely to develop glaucoma. Other risk factors can include:

While some individuals may be more likely to develop glaucoma, Dr. Jay C. Grochmal recommends that patients of all ages undergo regular glaucoma screenings since anyone is susceptible to the disease. Glaucoma is usually symptom free, which makes routine testing necessary to diagnose the disease early before serious vision loss occurs. As a result, glaucoma tests are a regular part of all eye exams performed at Grochmal Eye Center.

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Dr. Jay Grochmal

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