Does LASIK Surgery Hurt?

Are you considering LASIK surgery, but fear the procedure might be painful? Don’t worry! At Grochmal Eye Center, D​r. Jay C. Grochmal​ and our team do everything in our power to help minimize (or even eliminate) any potential discomfort for our patients, and the vast majority of individuals report that they experienced little to no pain at all, both during and after their procedure.

Immediately before L​ASIK ​surgery, Dr. Grochmal will apply anesthetic eyedrops to help keep your eyes thoroughly “numb” throughout the treatment. Although you may feel some slight pressure as the flap is created, this sensation is generally not considered painful and will be relatively brief in duration. Additional anesthetic drops may be administered during the procedure to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible, and anti-­inflammatory and antibiotic drops will also be applied to help limit swelling and prevent infection after surgery.

Once you return home following the LASIK procedure, some sensitivity to light and mild to moderate irritation may be experienced as the numbing eye drops wear off. These symptoms generally subside over the next few days, and can often be minimized with the artificial tears, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops provided by our practice.

Ultimately, the majority of patients experience little to no discomfort throughout all phases of LASIK surgery, and most are able to resume their normal daily routines either the next day or within a few days with no trouble at all.

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Dr. Jay Grochmal

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